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Trainspotting: Abandoned Circus Flatcars in Baraboo, WI.

Like many railfans, I enjoy looking for railcars and infrastructure wherever I find myself.  As a child I visited Devil's Lake several times.   I finally had a chance to return last month.  It was a wonderful vacation and I supplemented my usual hiking and rock climbing with a bit of time spent driving around Baraboo looking for railroadiana.
Tucked away along the railway across from Andro Ave,  I found this building. It appears to be part of the former Circus property though everything to the right (north) of this building is now fenced off and obscured by trees.   What lies back there may have been the area where all the Circus trains were stored and serviced in the past, but I don't know.  Google maps shows several rows of cars and tracks.

Tracks run west out of this building and three 85' Flatcars are sitting there.  They all bear the Reporting mark CWM which stands for "Circus World Museum".  
I've been unable to track down exact info, but it seems like …

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