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Walthers Trainline MoPac GP15-1

Some affordable locos just run right.   In my limited experience, the Walthers Trainline locos tend to fit the bill.  At this point I think I've acquired 4 (in 3 different models) and they are all smooth, reliable runners.  Today's selection is no exception.  

This is a Walthers Trainline Missouri Pacific GP15-1.

The Walthers GP15-1 was first released in 1999.  HO Scale Trains Resource has nice page about the first two years of releases and a some general information about the model.  This particular scheme was included in the first year of production.

I wasn't able to find prototype pictures of this exact locomotive, but I did find quite a few similar MoPac Gp15-1's in the same number series in the same livery.
Looking closer at the shell, 20 years on, the detail level is a bit rudimentary by today's standards, but it's as good or better than Athearn Blue Box, my personal measuring stick for acceptable detail.  I got a reasonable deal on mine because of a fe…

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